Download CM2 MT2 Setup File v2.37

CM2 MT2 helps you flash or unlock your Android Smartphones and Tablets powered by the MTK chipset. The CM2 MT2 tool also allows you to reset FRP, screen locks, and repair IMEI issues.

You will get the latest, and the previous version of the CM2 MT2 setup file on this page. We have also shared the tool as a zip package containing the MTK Tool, MTK USB Driver, and Tutorial.


Feature Of CM2 MT2

Flash Stock ROM: The MT2 tool helps you flash scatter firmware on MediaTek-powered devices.

Reset FRP Lock: The CM2 MT2 tool also helps reset the FRP lock.

Reset Screen Lock: Also, the tool helps to unlock Pin, Pattern, and Face lock. Similarly, you can reset the screen lock without data loss.

MI Account Reset: Comparatively, it is the best tool for unlocking the Xiaomi MI account lock on MediaTek devices.

Repair IMEI Issue: The MTK tool also helps you fix the IMEI null or Invalid IMEI issue.

Download CM2 MT2 For Windows (all version)

CM2 MT2 allows you to install stock ROM on your MediaTek-powered Smartphones and Tablets. The tool also allows unlocking the FRP lock and screen locks. We recommend using the latest version of the MTK tool.

Choose Any Version:

v2.01: | G-Drive

v2.02: | G-Drive

v2.03: | G-Drive

v2.04: | G-Drive

v2.05: | G-Drive

v2.06: | G-Drive

v2.07: | G-Drive

v2.08: | G-Drive

v2.09: | G-Drive

v2.10: | G-Drive

v2.11: | G-Drive

v2.12: | G-Drive

v2.13: | G-Drive

v2.14: | G-Drive

v2.15: | AFH

v2.16: | AFH

v2.17: | AFH

v2.18: | AFH

v2.19: | AFH

v2.20: | AFH

v2.21: | AFH

v2.22: | AFH

v2.23: | AFH

v2.24: | AFH

v2.25: | AFH

v2.26: | AFH

v2.27: | AFH

v2.28: | AFH

v2.29: | AFH

v2.30: | AFH

v2.31: | AFH

v2.32: | AFH

v2.33: | AFH

v2.34: | AFH

v2.35: | AFH | G-Drive

v2.36: | Mega | G-Drive

v2.37: | Mega | MediaFire – Latest

How To Use?

  1. Download CM2 MT2 on your computer then installs it.
  2. Then, install MediaTek USB Driver. If already installed, then skip this step.
  3. Firstly, open the CM2 MT2 tool. Then follow the following steps.
  4. Flash Stock ROM: Go to Flasher tab > Now, click on the Load Scatter > Then, choose Scatter firmware > Click on flash > Now, connect your device to Flash mode.
  5. Reset FRP Lock: Go to Service tab > Then, choose Reset FRP > Now, click on Format FS > Connect your device to Flash mode.
  6. Reset Screen Lock: Go to Service tab > Then, choose Smart Reset > Now, click on Format FS > Connect your device to Flash mode.
  7. Screen Lock Reset Without Data Loss: Go to Service tab > Then, choose only Screen Lock Reset > Now, connect your device to Flash mode.
  8. MI Account Lock Reset: Go to Tool/FRP tab > Then, choose your Xiaomi device model > Now, click on Reset MI Acc (New) > Connect your device to Flash mode.
  9. Repair IMEI Issue: Go to Security tab > Then, input original IMEI > Then, click on the Repair > Now, connect your device to Flash mode.

Readme once

Recommend: We recommend using the latest version of the MTK tool because the newest version contains many features.

Scan: The Flash tool has no malware. Because firstly, we scanned it using the Kaspersky Antivirus, then we uploaded it online.

Credit: Full credit goes to Infinity Team. Because they created and distributed this CM2 MT2 tool.

USB Driver: We have shared some USB drivers for connecting your mobile device to the computer. i.e., MTK USB Driver and MTK Qcom Driver.

More MTK Flash Tool: We have shared some flash tools for flashing MediaTek Powered devices. i.e., SP Flash Tool and SP MDT Tool.

More CM2 Modules: We have shared some CM2 tool modules for flashing or unlocking Android devices. i.e., CM2 MT, CM2 SPD, CM2 SP2, and CM2 SCR.

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