FRP File Premium Tool (Latest version)

FRPFILE Premium Tool helps bypass the iCloud Activation lock, Disabled Passcode, Brocken baseband, MDM lock, and Carrier lock. It is the best tool for working on Apple iPhone and Tablet that run on iOS 12-14.8.

On this page, you will find the latest and the previous version of the FRPFILE Premium Tool. We have shared it as a zip package that included the tools and tutorial.

FRP File Premium Tool
FRP File Premium Tool

Download FRP File Premium Tool

Latst Update: 16th Feb 2024

File Name:
File Size: 153 MB
Version: v2.4 (Latest)
Previous: No Previous Version Found!
Platform: Windows

About This Bypass Tool

Paid Tool: Of course, it is a paid tool. As well as, you need to activate your device’s serial number.

Best Tool: Comparatively, it is the best tool for bypassing the Hello screen, Passcode, Carrier, Brocken baseband, and MDM lock.

Compatible: Frpfile iCloud Bypass Tool is compatible with Windows computers (Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11).

Simple User Interface: The FRPFILE Premium Tool is a lightweight application. Likewise, the UI of this tool is straightforward.

Popularity: Comparatively, maximum mobile technicians use this tool for bypassing activation on their Apple iPhone devices.

How To Use FRP FILE Premium Tool?

  1. Download and install the Frpfile iCloud Bypass Tool on your computer.
  2. First, register your device Serial Number.
  3. Secondly, your device needs to jailbreak using checkra1n or any jailbreaking tools. Otherwise, you can’t work using this Premium Tool.
  4. Activate iCloud: Connect your jailbreak device > Then, click on the ACTIVATE ICLOUD > Wait for a few seconds for activation.
  5. Carrier Bypass: Connect your jailbreak device > Then, click on the Carrier Lock Bypass > Wait for a few seconds for activation.
  6. Bypass Passcode: Connect your jailbreak device > Then, click on the Backup data (passcode) > Now, factory reset your device by clicking on Erase all (iOS 12-14) > Now, click on the Activate Device (passcode) for bypassing the Disabled Passcode.
  7. MDM Bypass: Connect your device > Then, click on the MDM BYPASS iOS (9-15x) > Wait for a few seconds for activation.

Readme Once

Recommend: We recommend using the latest version of this tool because the newest version contains many features.

Scan: The Flash tool has no malware. Because firstly, we scanned it using the Kaspersky Antivirus, then we uploaded it online.

Credit: Full credit goes to Because they created and distributed this FRPFILE Premium Tool.

Turn Off Windows Defender: Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus. Otherwise, the tool may not work correctly.