Walton Orbit Y21 Flash File, Firmware, ROM

Walton Orbit Y21 flash file (firmware) helps to repair hanging logo issues, bootloop issues, and deed boot issues on your Walton device. Also, the flash file helps to reset FRP lock on your device.

On the web page, you will get the direct link to download the Walton Orbit Y21 customer care official firmware and FRP reset file. We have shared it as a zip package, including the suitable USB Driver and Tools.

Walton Orbit Y21 Flash File

Download Walton Orbit Y21 Flash File

File Name:
Version: V08
File Size: 1.47 GB
Price: 100 TK

How To Use?

  1. Download Walton Orbit Y21 flash file on your computer.
  2. Then, install an SPD USB Driver. If already installed, then skip this step.
  3. Now, open the SPD Upgrade Tool.
  4. Now, click on the load button, then locate the flash file (firmware).
  5. After loading the file, click on the start button.
  6. Now, connect your device to the flash mode.
  7. After connecting the device successfully, your device will flash automatically.

Why Use Walton Orbit Y21 Firmware

Re-Install OS: You can use this file to re-install the Android operating system on your device.

Repair Device: Maximum uses case people uses the firmware to repair their devices.

Remove FRP: Another use of the firmware is removing the FRP lock from the device. You can easily remove the FRP lock using this file.

Readme Once

Recommend: We recommend using a suitable version of the flash file (firmware) for your Walton Orbit Y21 device. Because the wrong version of the flash file may kill the device.

Use Latest Tools: Also, we recommend using the latest version of the SPD Upgrade Tool. Because the old version doesn't work correctly.

No Malware: The firmware package has no malware. Because firstly, we scanned it using the Virus Total online Tools. Then we uploaded it online.

SPD USB Driver: If you are looking for an SPD USB driver to flash Walton Orbit Y21 device. Then click here to get SPD USB Driver.

SPD Upgrade Tool: If you are looking for an SPD upgrade tool to install stock ROM. Then click here to get SPD Upgrade Tool.

Flashing Tutorial: Also we have shared a tutorial about flashing your device. Click here to go on the Tutorial Page.

Disclaimer: This firmware is not free. So, you must need to buy this firmware to use. After completing the payment, you will get the firmware link to download.