How To Bypass Disable Passcode On iPhone Using Unlock Tool

On this page, you will learn to bypass the disabled passcode on Apple iPhones. We have shared the full instruction about bypassing the Passcode using the Unlock Tool. Also, we have shared the necessary resources in this tutorial.

Important: At least a minimum of 30-50% charge needs on your device before starting bypassing.

Disable Passcode

Bypass Disable Passcode On iPhone Using Unlock Tool

  1. Download Unlock Tool and Gaster Ramdisk Boot File on your Windows computer.
  2. Then, copy the Gaster Ramdisk boot file to the Unlock Tool DataFiles folder (C:\UnlockTool\DataFiles\Apple).
  3. Past Gaster Boot File
  4. Now, open Unlock Tool. After opening the tool, you will see the following interface.
  5. Unlock Tool UI
  6. After opening the tool, click on the Apple tab.
  7. Unlock Tool Apple Tab
  8. Now, click on the RAMDISK tab.
  9. Unlock Tool Ramdisk
  10. Now, connect your Apple device to the DFU mode.
  11. After connecting your device to DFU mode, click on the PWNDFU then choose GASTER.
  12. UL Tool PWNDFU UL Tool Gaster
  13. PWNDFU is successfully installed on your Apple device.
  14. UL Tool PWNDFU Success
  15. Now, click on BOOT RAMDISK.
  16. UL Tool Boot RAMDISK
  17. BOOT RAMDISK is Successfully.
  18. UL Tool Boot Done
  19. After booting successfully, click on the BACKUP PASSCODE.
  21. After clicking on the BACKUP PASSCODE, activation data will save on your computer.
  22. UL Tool BACKUP PASSCODE data done
  23. Now, reset your device to factory default. Click on the FACTORY RESET.
  25. You have successfully backup passcode data from the Apple device and reset it to factory default. Now, again boot your device to PWNDFU then BOOT RAMDISK. Follow the steps 7 - 11.
  26. Again booting your device to BOOT RAMDISK, click on the RESTORE BACKUP + DISABLE OTA/ERASE.
  27. UL Tool Backup Data
  28. After restoring the backup Passcode data, you will see the Restoring backup data.. OK message.
  29. UL Tool Restoring backup done

Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed the disabled passcode from your Apple iPhones using Unlock Tool.

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Recommend: We recommend using the latest version of the Unlock Tool.

Tool Credit: Full credit goes to Because they created and distributed this tool.

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